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 Abs For Life Gym and No Guilt Cafe –

Advertising with us a Gym and Vegetarian Restaurant will help make Saffron Walden and it’s community a better place.
We will promote a path that works in fitness and health. Be positive & creative by your own design.
Improving & changing your routines regularly. If you stop now, in future what standards can you set? Just like marriage, if you cheat how will it work?
Don’t give up, fitness is a way of Life.   Fitness is sculpturing your body with proper nutrition.
If you exercise equally with nutrition, both being as important as each other. It is like a team going into battle. You will become a more confident better you.”
Stuart Gray.
Picture: Born in 1962 and drinking coffee in Coffee Circus, Tigne, Sliema in 2019

‘Abs For Life Gym And No Guilt Cafe’-I am trying to find a guarantor to get 40% financing for a new concept gym and super food restaurant. Guarantor means risk. Mention the word “risk” to executives and the immediate reaction is probably one of worry. Indeed, for many people, the word “risk” has a negative connotation and they prefer hearing the word as little as possible. But seasoned professionals know that risk does not have to be negative. Of course, risks should not be taken lightly, as consequences of risks can prevent a company from reaching its objectives. However, professionals who have dealt with risks throughout their careers will know that risks can also create opportunities for improvement that can make a company or yourself more efficient, or provide a competitive edge. Risks make champions, they are experimenting every day with the unknown to get ahead of the completion and be the best. This is nature. The best way to show the relationship between risk and opportunity is through examples. The only way I can do that if you like a true investor is to read every page of my website and to click every link. I assure you if you take the time to do this rather than be lazy like the few who have inherited their wealth rather than grafting. There are some wealthy investors that only like to do business with their kind. They may not have the street sense and the awareness of a good opportunity right in front of them. It is a risky business to be a guarantor but also they are risks in doing everyday life serious risks. Crossing the road can be a risk, training hard at a gym is a risk, defending the honor of your family, driving a car, flying on holiday and taking the ferry to your destination. Do not let this detour you. My business idea has low overheads; memberships will grow as more and more people are convinced through the internet, TV advertising and models. Handsome actors’, social media and the press tell stories of how fitness has changed their lives. Within no time after getting a loan through a sponsored guarantor I should sell over the 60 percent in Government back shares paying off the loan faster than other companies. Grants will be issued after purchasing the equipment as well. So it is a much lower risk than any other start-up. Please read carefully not to miss anything that can overcome your fear of risks.

I am looking for a guarantor as start-up loans require owning a fair bit of your own house. My choice and risks were to travel around the World instead of saving for a deposit. Travelling has given me the insight though to create a unique new concept idea and the passion to help make people’s lives better and some social change to the community. Please contact myself and I will reward you for your services.

Another way to raise the 40% is to sell advertising for a company before an opening day event helping that company get good relations with the local community. Advertise, branding and create good public relations while partnering with our company and thus greatly improving your image. I am looking to create a completely new concept Gym and super-food Vegetarian restaurant that will have low overhead. The new concept gym will be running 24 hr, customers can buy memberships online, use fingerprint access and it is in a high street location. The Gym will rent out classes for Yoga for longevity and BJJ a gentler Self Defence that can be effective past our prime. No strength needed. The No-Guilt Cafe Restaurant will be plant-based using a variety of high fiber and numerous proteins to replace meat. When you look at globally there is so many Scientists and Companies adding such a variety of alternatives and selections? The selection increases almost weekly, meat remains the same Beef, Chicken, Pork, etc. It is becoming trendy for scientists to come up with more plant-based foods and we are adding more nutrients to a diet this way by the abundance of choices. Plus we import vegetables from all over the world now. It is becoming a big money Investment in the US. Bill Gates invested in Memphis Meats and Impossible foods both meat alternatives. Leonardo D Caprio is investing in Beyond Meats a Pea protein-based snack brand “Hippeas”. Ryan Bettencourt is making a mint with popular “Vegan Mafia”. There is little competition in Saffron Walden. In 2016 plant-based foods had $8.7 trillion dollars invested in it. If the 24-Hour new concept gym doesn’t make your fancy, invest in the restaurant. Or piggyback our media and advertising campaign. It is only just starting to grow quickly in London and Cambridge, have no fear to join the excitement. Advertise with us a 24/7 with a gym running 24 hours! Creative by design a unique restaurant open to the public that can help change your lifestyle feeling less guilty with the foods you eat. You will be reviving a gym that has been closed for over three years but was part of the community for 20 years. It is the perfect location and size. I promise a massive campaign and product launch with a very interesting history to tell the community. You can be involved in advertising with us every stage from the birth of the project to the end of a very long lease. We plan to target between Cambridge Stansted, Royston, and Dunmow.  Do you know anyone that will partner with us in exchange for marketing, branding, and good advertising? We will together help improve a healthier lifestyle for residents in Saffron Walden by creating Abs for Life Gym and No Guilt CafeIt’s a new concept gym and superfood restaurant.

The restaurant will be at the front open to the public as a separate entity. Through time this will help increase gym members. 24/7 fingerprint access that they will be able to buy online any membership at any time on my website. Perfect for local Police, Carers, Nurses and Muslims that fast for a Month. Muslims have nowhere to train at night when this is the only time they can eat. Imagine most healthy Muslims have to forfeit there training for a month! This gym will have the character of special flooring throughout. The gym will have murals on the walls with positive motivating quotes, instead of so many cheap looking mirrors like other gyms. No blue carpets, ceiling tiles like traditional gyms. Plants throughout cleaning everyone’s dirty air from heavy breathing during exercise. Access to 24/7 healthy snacks vending machines. The facilities will have a healthy vegetarian/vegan restaurant, BJJ, yoga, gym and table tennis for children waiting for parents to finish the gym.  I want to influence a social change to communities to all get along for a better lifestyle then the current drinking culture. I have worked as Doorman on weekends for about 17 years of my life and seen so many people waist there life away not remembering what they did the night before. If there is a drinking culture why not a healthy lifestyle culture being just or more popular. I have noticed over the years that youth are never treated as equals and the older generation are invisible. There is some social change about cultures and religion but I fear not enough change on how we treat each other at different ages. We stick to our own kind. My Gym will change peoples conception of this. Everyone is welcome and you will not feel you have to fit in. People can cling to religion and politics, why not to a healthier lifestyle and respect the World and environment we live in? I believe customers can think of my gym and restaurant as a second home. It will have no quick fix gimmicks like boot camps and Crossfit trends. I believe in a slower, safer way of training that easier for each different individual. A more comfortable place to work out, for more long-lasting results. A complete lifestyle change where people would feel like they are homesick when taking days off. About 54% of people with a gym membership don’t actually go. Those people are effectively subsidizing membership of those that do. We are unique, the building I have in mind has character, we will prevent this with help from our tasty No Guilt Cafe, open to the public. I will create an atmosphere that everyone of all ages can enjoy. The only 24-hour access gym in the region will leave customers no excuses to leave. My goal is to make shares reach the stock market and open 5 Gyms nationally in the shortest time as possible.

In 2014 The largest gym franchise in the USA sold about 6000 memberships for a 300 capacity gym. Also in 2014, Virgin Active, who back then had 1.4 million members worldwide and 262 clubs had an average of about 5300 per gym,(no doubt also well above capacity), likewise, Fitness First had more than 850,000 members worldwide and 317 gyms – about 2680 per club if you average it out. You can do the maths on how many memberships you need to sell per month. And you don’t need to worry about all those membership owners turning up because more than half won’t!

My Gym design will be unique and have a lot of Character, a place people will miss if their life becomes too time-consuming with work. Hopefully, 24-hour access will prevent that. I hope to really make an impact on people’s daily lives in the Area with your help.  I already influence a lot of people around me that will show their support opening day and I will sell a record amount of memberships. The restaurant will educate many to help improve our planet and the environment. No Guilt Cafe is a fitting name. Vegan/vegetarian has come a long way but still to slow in my mind. I think it is trendy and drawing a lot of attention but it is still in the infant stages and has a lot of room to grow. Making the World a better place! Being Vegan/Vegetarian creates a more peaceful life without any regrets. Look at a mathematics point of view. Predators like man rely on intelligence on their hunting skills. We have learned from being creative in order to survive. Practice and practice! Animals have some remorse as they look into their eyes before killing them, but it is survival of the fittest. Yet it is rare to see animals, predators obese in the wild like humans. Regrets stop them from overeating and combined with the fact it is a hard job. Humans have less regret as they pay someone else to do the killing. I thought this as a child and wonder if predators were the intelligent species, and had such lethal weapons. Why are there so many animal/vegetarians left? The animal kingdom has been around for millions of years but they are as many vegetarians/vegans or more than predators today. This is the case even though cats, dogs, and sharks have so many children in their lives. Mathematically the Vegan/Vegetarian diet must prolong your life to keep the numbers up even though plant-based diet animals are killed at an alarming rate. Meat eaters must die earlier and more frequent by natural causes to keep the balance in nature. This is my passion to have a Vegan/vegetarian Restaurant No Guilt Cafe open to the public but at the front entrance to the Gym. The first thing customers or curious public see. It is named No Guilt as you are not killing animals and it will be healthy for you, not putting on the calories! I really think so many healthy Venues; do not put the effort in. They advertise with good-great healthy products but ruin it with adding fat or so much sugar.

Today is amazing; the variety of proteins in vegetarians and the science about it is growing rapidly. It becomes healthier and healthier by the week. I am so happy at 56 years old I am still able to body build as a Vegetarian. I feel a much happier man giving up meat and wish to influence people by opening up a Gym. This lifestyle has saved me after being homeless at 15 years old I had no direction consumed with loneliness and binging on alcohol and drugs to find friends. My Life started to change when I first started working out at 20 years old giving it all up. It got even better when I turned Vegan 7 years ago. Well almost fully Vegan, vegan at home vegetarian on road trips.

 5% profits go to homeless youths. I have been there. Never has Saffron Walden and the many villages between Essex and Cambridge seen a massive promotion as big as I am planning. This will be done through advertising, interesting memorable press releases, and a massive marketing campaign. Please after reading the home page goes to advertising with us page.

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Adverting and brand on the back of my new concept in the Saffron Walden Area. Can we help each other and help improve your image by helping the community, together.  Can you direct this website to the right individual with authority? Would you know a company that would, or do you want to promote between Cambridge, Stansted Airport, Royston, and Dunmow? I am trying to promote inspiration, education and a healthier lifestyle with 24-hour access to rural areas.  Advertise, brand and create good public relations together is the way forward. The advertising starts as soon as you as a company can help.

If anyone is interested in a separate goal I am entering at 56 years of age a  Guinness World sporting event. I will be attempting as many crunches/reps in a row with no break on an abdominal machine with a 60lbs set. I expect to do between 3000-7000. The Guinness fees for Judges and organizing are quite high over £7,500. Worth the national exposure for anyone assisting in the Guinness fees. Any support will be appreciated. My account details are on the Advertising with us page on this website. Please do not forget reference Guinness and your name! You can come to the opening day and get involved in the media coverage. National Press! Any sponsorship amount over the Guinness fees will assist Grove Court in Dunmow. 

“Grove Court is a  sheltered housing  scheme for older people (55 years and above) who require support to live independently”

Main facts:

  • It has an Alarm system and a 24/7 Warden.
  • 31 flats all built in 1992 and renovated in 2006. Sizes studio, 1 bedroom
  • It has extra Care scheme with Visiting management staff (Night time staff on duty), Non-resident management staff (24 hours, 7 days) and Careline alarm service
  • Grove Court provides lift, lounge, dining room, laundry, guest facilities, garden, hairdressing salon, library, assisted bathing facility
  • The whole site is accessible by wheelchair. Access to site easy. Distances: bus stop 1 mile(s); shop 1 mile(s); post office 1 mile(s); town centre 1 mile(s); GP 1 mile(s); social centre 1 mile(s)
  • There are regular Social Activities include: Residents have a social fund, and organize outside entertainers and trips, organized by residents and staff support. Some meals available (hot meal provided at lunchtime). New residents accepted from 55 years of age
  • Care provider: Caremark/Forest Homecare

Abs For Life Gym And No Guilt Cafe Ltd. About my self: A personal Resume’- I was born in 1962 and I have many years of experience, training to get as fit as possible & fine tuning my diet. I have trained in gyms all over the world. At 53, I completed the Fan Dance Series, 24K marathon in the Mountains with a weighted backpack. It’s designed for the SAS selection test. It is a tactical advance to battle special forces training trail. In the highest peaks of the Brecon Beacons Mountains. Freezing Cold all year round!

My experience has created a program that without a doubt works, the Abs For Life program. I have never taken a break in training since I started when I was 20 years old, consistency and a good environment helps. The proof is my before & after photo’s page, after a controlled diet & fitness routine. Train with a mission to get into the best shape of your lives. I believe that anyone, male, female, old or young can become very healthy and fit. All is needed is a regular program of exercise & good nutrition. Be positive, aim for the sky, get super fit with an Abs for Life change of your life routine. I can give advice on a great diet that gets results. A diet that I have altered to perfection over many years. It’s simple a high protein, high fiber, and low carbohydrate diet and will be provided in my trendy Superfood Restaurant- No Guilt Cafe.  Eat small portions with fitness and diet, frequently, never be hungry, never be full! I am reaching out with a massive product launch in areas of Cambridge, Saffron Walden, London, Bishop’s Stortford, Chelmsford, Newmarket, and Stansted Airport. I am supplying great advertising in return for your support as the first step in opening a 24/7 gym. Help create a healthier environment with a New concept gym.

If you like most companies who never organized the opening day as a big event, planning months ahead. Here is your chance to introduce your company to a very large audience through us on our opening day. If you visit the many pages on this website you will get a true insight into Abs for Life Gym and No Guilt Cafe business proposal as a smart investor. This is a new concept startup. I am offering great benefits, advertising, and good public relations. Advertising can be up to the life of the gym, every time we advertise we mention your support. The business plan has low overheads, no loans, less stock than any other business and less staff. Making less risk than other start-ups. Please, can you refer to the “advertise with us” page and join an exciting promotional campaign. Options on the amount of advertising are published on the same “advertise with us page”. I am currently seeking clients/companies who are in need of good branding, as the first step in my business plan. The second step will be selling government approved shares for investors with a tax credit explained below with different options.

Please open the two Links below to find tax credit benefits investing in my business with the HMRC.



approval Abs For Life Gym & No Guilt Cafe Ltd_SEIS AA(1)

Investors then can support my (SEIS approved business plan as the second step. A 50% tax break will be given for the amount investing in my company- Abs For Life Gym And No Guilt Cafe Ltd. 5% profits will go to homeless youths for gym life.

Investors options (Shares SEIS 50% Credit relief) are below after I raise 40% through advertising with other companies. The Advertise with us page has separate options for companies to advertise. Then I will supply 60% selling shares.

Option 1 For Abs For Life Gym And No Guilt Cafe Ltd.

  • 50% tax credit with SEIS scheme, capital gains after 3 years and Inheritance tax relief.
  • Mentioned as helping our company in the local paper in conjunction with my ad 4 times a year. For the next three years.
  • 10 Immediate family members or friends will receive the lowest corporate membership rates for 5 years. You will receive free membership for 5 years. See prices page for rates.
  • On offer will be 5% Annual interest for 3 Years.

Option 1 costs- £24,797 as an investor=15% shares can be sold after 3 years. SHARES

Option 2:

  • 50% tax credit if qualify and more.
  • 7 Immediate family will receive the lowest corporate membership rates.
  • On offer a 4% annual interest for three years.

Option 2 costs-£1,572 as an investor= 7% shares given and can be sold in 3 years time.

Option 3:

  • 50% tax credit if qualify and more.
  • On top of that, you can get a 3% annual interest for three years.
  • 5 family or friends will receive the lowest corporate membership rates.

Option 3 costs- a lower risk investment of £1653 = 2% share given and can be sold in 3 years time. Or any amount of all shares sold at 1 share=£50.

In the area of Cambridge, investor companies are following a trend of investing in the technology sector. It is a higher risk due to the amount of competition. Just because the majority is attracted to an idea that is trendy doesn’t mean it is the right path to take or the profitable one. Everyone is trying to be an inventor in the latest high tech or at least a share in it. As you are investing in it blindly you do not know what the competition is doing at the same time. It’s like Nokia the mother of mobile phones, over the years did nothing wrong. No one complained about their products, people were in love with mobile phones after pagers. Then came Sony and Samsung, not experts or have any experience with mobiles. Their products were not proven in the industry. A mass advertising campaign, especially Samsung, nothing like Nokia a proven company, had tried. These large companies took over Nokia in such a short time with an aggressive marketing campaign. Really today what makes the value of the different phones with such an extreme price range between them? Mobile phones are all the same, Android. Google killed off windows phones, supplying and conjunction with no compatible apps to get their phone on the market. The only difference in phones is the camera. We are paying for the camera. The market follows trends not that it might be the right choice. Angel investors are the same, feeling uncomfortable with something they are inexperienced and not thinking outside the box. They are just keeping in line with the same thought process that is popular at the time.

I have done all the market and industry research. It’s an extremely fast-growing industry even though England is still behind other western countries. There is a lot of room for more growth. The Gym Industry has way lower overheads than any technology investment. Superfood restaurants’ is gaining momentum globally. High Tech investments that are so trendy with investors they may have a short life before becoming outdated or push out by so many competitors.  Like the misfortune of Lumina Windows Phone.

There’s a risk yes with startups but many benefits as well. This is why the government has introduced the SEIS scheme.  This is why they only allow 30% shares given to the investor so he cannot control the New Company. As they have approved of the new concept business plan for the startup company and not the Investors business plan. My business plan has considered every angle, years of research. My plan is approved by the S.E.I.S. scheme. Please look at it and help make Saffron Walden a Better place with Abs For Life Gym And No Guilt Cafe Ltd.

Remember the Gym: If I can get to rent the building I want, I will have little competition. Same with the superfood restaurant who I expect customers will make an effort to travel too. Not like the Technology Industry with loads of competition! I had one investment company who thought I was promoting a lifestyle change, not a tangible product, too risky for their clients. It is more than that. I have been training for 35 Years straight. I always had a passion for training but hated traditional gyms, like other customers I have spoken with over the years. I can make a good profit with a new concept gym and restaurant.

Today is different as I have witness changes in customers in gyms like never before. I have researched it and really feel I can get very rich from this opportunity. I have decided now is the time. Try your own research before you judge the investment in the leisure industry. Or look at the pages on this website- Industry Research and Marketing Plan. It is good business not just a lifestyle choice. Merger and acquisitions companies have made a mint from the leisure industry (Thomas Cook) recently. Everything is a lifestyle choice, fashion, cars, and mobile phones. To rent or to buy a house is a lifestyle choice. Selling a health style choice is easier. Invest and I will show everyone in the area how you helped my company startup.

Risk Warning