Advertising with us, a Gym and Vegetarian Restaurant is the first step before I start selling shares with a tax credit (on the home page). The government feels that branding is so effective and powerful they are thinking about banning Tony the Tiger, the Honey Monster and the Milky Bar Kid from junk food. I have observed how a small hardware store grows into a massive power tool company in the South of England in a relatively short time. All through aggressive advertising and sponsoring a race car. Is it not time for you to be aggressive and creative joining us? Marketing, branding, advertising, and public relations work, It is a big business. We offer unique attention-getting press releases and advertising that will be remembered long-term as opposed to the many common forms of marketing around Saffron Walden today. This is a smart plan to increase your client base and profits. Advertise with us! Immediately with your help, I will get the keys to a prime location high street venue in mind and the advertising campaign for us begins. We will assist in making you known through good public relations. If you Google advertising in Saffron Walden you will see my website is near the top of the list. Or close to it! Sharing with professional public relations and advertising companies! A Gym and Super-food restaurant! This proves I know what to do. Just think of the exposure of adding your page to my website. Advertising for you can start the next day. I will send out thousands of unique business cards, and then start with a big press release, social media, all preparing for the Opening day! Bigger press release! Signs posted everywhere between Cambridge and Stansted etc. Each season will have a well-researched massive marketing plan. I will start building a Social media campaign as soon as I get the keys. I hope to negotiate a lease for up to 22 years with the building as soon as you can contribute. Can you imagine the possibilities? You will be helping the community by advertising, branding, and marketing with us. People will hear your name helping us, everywhere!

If anyone is interested in a separate goal I am entering at 56 years of age a  Guinness World sporting event. I will be attempting as many crunches/reps in a row with no break on an abdominal machine with a 60lbs set. I expect to do between 3000-7000. The Guinness fees for Judges and organizing are quite high over £7,500. It will be worth the national exposure for anyone assisting in the Guinness fees. Any support will be appreciated. My account details are at the bottom of this page. Please do not forget reference Guinness and your name! You can come to the opening day and get involved in the media coverage.  

I have a story for the public to hear, where you as a large company might not have the character or a friendly face to do business with. They just might look at you and expect the best price as to them you might just be a large commercial machine. We can do advertising through the use of good public relations. Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their clients. This can be done by riding along with advertising we promote at our upcoming public relations event. I expect with lower overhead than many high street companies, huge profits after opening day. I can keep pumping money in promoting my business and mentioning your company each and every time, for the life of the Gym if you want. We can negotiate to your benefit before the product launch. Public relations is the persuasion business.  Most agencies persuade a target audience after research. They are expensive campaigns researching the target audience. We target everyone much like religion (using public relations for thousands of years!). Fitness should be promoted as a healthy lifestyle.

We are trying to convince the public, an audience, around the town of Saffron Walden, and outside of our usual sphere of influence. This is with an aim to promote our idea, purchase our products, support our position, or recognize our accomplishments. Public relations are storytellers captivating a large audience. They create narratives to advance their agenda.  Public awareness can be used to grow, protect, enhance or build reputations through the media, social media, or self-produced communications.  A good public relations person regularly engages in the art of promotion. He will analyze the organization, find the positive messages and translate those messages into positive stories.  When news is bad, he can formulate the best response and mitigate the damage. Often what is needed is an extensive campaign and a product launch that we provide. I can do this for you in abundance for many years. Running a gym and superfood restaurant requires this high-level marketing practices that I can provide for both of us. I have done this before and I have a great story to tell. Do you?

Advertising and a sponsorship partnership is a business relationship, mutually beneficial. I will help you gain prestige and a better improved public profile. You will have access to my clientele. Avoid risks by investing in a company that has little overhead and promotes a trendy, better lifestyle. I will help sell your services or products. Offer free advertising to you in the media frequently and often. Here are some options up for negotiation:

Option 1 For Abs For Life Gym And No Guilt Cafe Ltd., as an advertising package: Advertising for you starts the next day.

  • Use of the whole sign on the front gate, free advertising as a sole advertiser, can be seen on high street. 24/7 FREE ADVERTISING FOR THE LIFE OF THE GYM AND VEGETARIAN/SUPER-FOODS RESTAURANT!! Trying for a 21-year lease…
  • Free advertising on opening day event.
  • Half of the gym car painted as advertising with your company for the life of the gym.
  • Mentioned as helping our company in the local paper in conjunction with my ad 4 times a year. For the next three years. Great public relations.
  • Free Membership for you and a partner for the life of the gym.
  • Up to 50 staff, clients or family members will receive free membership for life of the gym.
  • On offer will be 5% Annual interest for 3 Years.
  • Every purchase order, letterhead, correspondence your name as a contributing partner. For life.
  • I or you can design a complete page solely advertising your product on each of my websites for life.

Option 1 Price £66,126 Possibility of shares as an investor after advertising contract. 3%  SHARES

Option 2:

  • Use of half the sign front gate. 24/7 For the life of the gym
  • A quarter of the gym car painted with your company as advertising for the life of the gym.
  • Free membership for life of the gym for yourself.
  • Free advertising on opening day event and in the advert for opening day.
  • Mentioned as helping in the local paper in conjunction with my ad 2 times a year, for the next three years.
  • On offer will be 3% Annual interest for 3 Years
  • Up to 10 Staff or Family members will receive free membership for life of the gym.

Option 2 price: £33,063. Plus a possibility of shares as an Investor after an advertising contract. 2%

Option 3:

  • Use of the quarter the sign front gate as advertising. 24/7 for the life of the gym
  • A logo on gym car painted for 6 years.
  • Free membership for life at the gym for 6 years.
  • Free advertising on opening day event and in the advert for opening day.
  • Mentioned as helping in the local paper in conjunction with my ad 2 times a year, for the next three years.
  • On offer will be 2% Annual interest for 3 Years.
  • Up to 10 staff or family members will receive free memberships for life of the gym.

Option 3 price:£15,000  possibility of 1% Shares added.

Option 4:

  • Your name added to a list of the gym, 24/7 free advertising as a sponsor only.
  • One free membership for the gym for a year.
  • On offer will be 1% annual interest for 3 Years.

Option 4 costs £1,102  Possibility of shares as an Investor after an advertising contract .05%

Saffron Walden has an advantage as it is surrounded by many villages, full of working people with good incomes. They love to show their friends that they are living a good, healthy lifestyle. Often a woman can be seen commuting in their gym wear.  It is becoming very popular. living in these villages it is hard to find a restaurant that supplies delicious, healthy superfoods or a 24 hr Gym with character. In either direction, it is a good 30 minutes or more drive from the villages to find venues that cater to their demands. There are 29 affluent local villages within a 5-mile radius that can be regular customers, additional to the already growing Town of Saffron Walden. A 24hr gym in Saffron Walden is a good location, surrounded by towns and many affluent historic, little villages in between. Saffron Walden has two local Newspapers to choose from weekly when advertising. Using local papers in the surrounding towns, you can alternate papers all year, advertising every month!

Business plan approval by click here: –approval Abs For Life Gym & No Guilt Cafe Ltd_SEIS AA(1) The gym and superfood restaurant will be opening as a big event. Reviving an empty gym closed for many years with a brand new concept. A big story to tell in the community. Advertise with us between Cambridge, Stansted, Royston, and Dunmow. It will be good public relations.

Anyone who can help me with Corporate Sponsorship can receive a 4% commission. I am trying to raise at least £66,000 (40%)  for the Business Startup before selling shares. I will sale the other 60% as shares. This will be a great public relations platform with a lot of time-consuming advertising events. Most important I promise a large Media Campaign before opening day so I can sell over 500 memberships. Just think after reaching the Sponsorship goal, how this business costs with little staff and virtually no overhead except the rent. How would my competitors compete with me? Profits from the first month onwards. How much would I owe you as a Company for your contribution? It could be a Lifetime commitment on my behalf. Let’s negotiate!

I would like to show you the extensive research I have gathered for a new concept of the business idea.  In return, I offer an amazing free advertising package up to the life of the gym. Open the Business Plan page on my website. Scroll down on the page to a picture of the gates with an alley on the high street. In place of the estate agent sign, your company name can be placed here, leaving you with 24/7 advertising near a bus stop. Best place in town.  I can also help if you with any I.O.S.H. Health & Safety and Risk assessment, Building compliance and Security advice for your company negotiated with your advertising package. Or I can provide free memberships for you and your immediate family. Let’s negotiate, or see a layer to draught a contract with your terms.

I am just trying to help make Saffron Walden a better place. Local Gyms in Saffron Walden have not changed since the 1970s. Including on a global scale, many very successful franchises like Any Time Fitness. There is room for improvement, with little competition locally. Other Gyms are not 24 hrs & they lack any character. I know the gym business better than anyone staying in Saffron Walden, training in many different gyms around the world for the last 35 years.  Watching and studying gyms slow improvements. Sadly the U.K. is behind the rest of the western world and only just starting to catch up with 24/7 Gyms. This advertising partnership will help the community of Saffron Walden and many country villages enjoy the benefits of an interesting unique concept. I promise to continue contributing to any profits- and that 5 % profits will go towards homeless youths for gym life. Please use your name for reference and contribute to my business account. Or donate to help better the community. The BACS details are Santander, Stuart Gray: Sort Code:09-01-29 Account 06099682.  CONTRACT.

“Saffron Walden is a delightful medieval market town located in north-west Essex and just 15 miles to the south of Cambridge. It has a rich heritage of old buildings, including the magnificent Jacobean mansion Audley End House, Gardens, and St Mary’s Church, the largest and one of the most beautiful parish churches in Essex. On the north side of town is Bridge End Garden, a restored Victorian garden of great charm, which contains a wonderful yew hedge maze and sunken Dutch garden. A market has been there since 1141, and market days are now Tuesdays and Saturdays with shoppers enjoying browsing and buying goods from a variety of market stalls. Beyond the marketplace, there are many independent shops and eating-places to choose. Saffron Walden has many interesting historic buildings. At the heart lies St Mary’s Church, the largest parish church in Essex. Fine examples of elaborate molded plasterwork, can be seen on the Old Sun Inn and the houses in Castle Street & Bridge Street.” The catchment area for the town of Saffron Walden and its 24/7 gym and superfood restaurant does Include Stansted Airport (Stansted Airport=24,320,071 passengers in 2016, every year it increases) in the South. In the North (14 miles) is Addenbrook Hospital (1000 beds, how many staff and visitors!). The town of Haverhill (14 mi) is to the East and Royston to the West (11 miles). Two huge science parks are full of Scientists within a couple of miles.

Customers can order day weekly passes on my website and get fingerprint access 24/7! Loads of opportunity for road sign seasonal advertising at the roundabouts. Especially when promoting the gym and restaurant just before Opening Day. Please, can you refer to my website page for the Marketing plan: Abs for Life Gym and No Guilt Cafe Ltd. The Cambridge/ London road b1383 was the original highway before the M11 Right beside it. It is in a straight line making it often easier to drive then the M11.

I have more experience than many successful franchises. My Gym will have specially designed prints on the walls with many positive quotes, to help motivate guests.  No commercial blue carpet, office ceiling tiles and mirrors surrounding the equipment.  Added adult Monkey bars, a healthy guilt free Restaurant! Unfortunately, I have seen a well-known Businessman looking at the same property I want to rent. It has loads of character and perfect size.  It is a rare gem. I have to move quickly. There are very few places this size in the Town, the same size that is comparable to, Any Time Fitness models (huge financially in the global fitness Industry).  In general, it is hard to find a property around 2,500 plus sq feet in town.  As a 24 hour gym, it will be a great location with loads of character and good size.  An additional restaurant is open to the public introducing extra customers. This is the difference that I can offer. I need to raise about £64,127. 40% is required from an investor or silent partner. I will supply the rest.

Any successful Gym franchises pay additional fees on top. I do not have to worry about repaying. They do not have an interesting product to sell my plan. Success is solely banks on 24 hr access and lower costs in the staff reduction. Less staff is required due to CCTV, telephone, panic alarm & card or fob access.  I will be doing the same, plus upgrading to fingerprint access.  After watching a video induction tour, the customers will be able to connect and have the ability to purchase online. The closest 24 hr gym to Saffron Walden is Cambridge and Harlow. Both over 16 miles away. Other local gym’s, do not make enough effort to target outside Saffron Walden. This new concept will cater to the surrounding villages. The 24-hour Gym’s success is selling additional members as the customers feel they’re getting a better deal with unlimited access. Even If they don’t use the gym at night, they still buy online, knowing they can train different hours as an option. Tourists visiting the Historic Market are not currently targeted. Contractors working on the current large housing developments around Tesco, or the two massive Research Science Parks, Chesterford Research Park & Genome Campus, are not included. Many daily visitors at the Science Parks are additional customers, they can be charged more than regular members. These Scientists and Lab technicians are coming from all over the U.K. They can join short term for a little more, booking online for the day, week or month.

The No-Guilt Cafe will bring in a lot more potential customers for the gym. Most menus in the town are not healthy for you with the extra fat added in cooking oils and empty Carbohydrates (like pasta, rice, and potatoes).  Just because it is not junk food, some of the public is to believe, that it is healthy.  Especially when eaten every day, most restaurants cannot help customers stay slim. The majority of the public in this area have the financial freedom and the desire to want to live longer, looking younger.  Waitrose is the only competition if any with two pretty good healthy tasty items on its menu. The difference is my entire menu will be considered with healthy weight loss. I will provide tasty Super foods growing in popularity, by the day. It will be the only restaurant in town that you can eat every day and stay slim with regular training. Still, restaurants in the area get by. This tells me there is a demand for a restaurant with my menu.  “Fresh” (a restaurant in Toronto) is busy rain or shine, the product is so good. In Saffron Walden, a lot depends if it is a weekend or the weather.  Most venues’ are not worth taking a special trip in bad weather. The No-Guilt Cafe will be open 8 hours to the public and will over time, introduce new gym memberships (or vice versa).

Have you seen all the people jogging along the streets any time of day? Many risks their lives on the road, they can be hit by a car or breathing heavily all the carbon dioxide from an exhaust, its suicidal. It’s very similar to smoking. Diesel fumes have been proved to cause cancer. Pollution is reviewed & analyzed by the government in many cities. Cars overtake people, who gasp for air as they jog up a steep hill. Even though it is in the countryside, it is still unhealthy for them. It is also damaging to knees running on the streets. Something they will deeply regret in their senior years. We have seen the growing numbers of joggers over time. They are desperate to look good but the current designs of gyms are not appealing to them. Gyms for many decades have been catered to office workers or men wanting to get bigger. My gym is for everyone including those jogging in the streets that feel uncomfortable with & are intimidated to join today’s gym. The customers that do join gyms after a few months training often get bored with the clinical, commercial look, lack of atmosphere and quit.  Today’s Gyms including the big money earning franchises are in the same boat as hospitals, airports, and the morgue, not a good place to hang out. It is time to modernize as the market demands. I am more competitive and creative.

The first Month I will sell 500 memberships at least (up to 1000), an additional £3000 can be made in admin fees (£6 per member). I can sell more, especially with planned advertising before a massive opening day party. 350 members at the very least = £10500 + £2100 (Admin fee) = £12,600, plus profit from Restaurant, MMA, Yoga, BJJ and 24 Hr Vending Machine, another very modest £1000 (a Super conservative figure) a month.  This comes out to about £13600 earnings the first month with room for improvement. I do know however that this particular site will generate a lot more with my research I have done. After all the info I have gathered, plus good PR before opening day, there is room for 500 plus members from the start.  More as you reach the end of the month.  Or up to two years with half the effort, I will maintain 1000 per month. I will be going full out the first year.

Remember many current franchises charge individual owners, initial franchise fees of around £30,000 and then a monthly fee of about £500. Or worst, a huge chunk of the profits. I do not have to deal with such a major expense! The FDD Exchange exposes all these fees so there are no surprises to anyone wanting to invest in a franchise opportunity. If people buying into the franchise, investigate deep enough. I have plenty of experience, paying those fees would be like paying that amount to a recruitment agency just to get a job.

My gyms will be more interesting. Yet still other Franchise’s boast as a selling point, new clubs routinely sell 1000 memberships before opening the doors. I have proof! For my Gym averaging prices at £29 pm, this could potentially be £29,000 plus another £6000 in admin fees. All without including profits, from the other sources.  It is likely to be that figure on the first day, as I will make this is my target. I have a business plan for the most successful fitness franchise, my product and business plan is better. I know I can get more, with some passion and effort. This will be done before opening day, with advertising and Social Networking for a few months ahead of time.  It’s not rocket science! It’s a combination of one of the fastest growing activity this generation, with outside sources constant bombardment through TV, Media, YouTube tutorials and the Internet. That anyone can be a champion. The exposure of inspirational sporting figures and patriotism has helped fuel this fast-growing lifestyle change.  The message out there says all they need is a heart and willpower. The availability of 24-hour access gym’s starting to hit the U.K. Market, when it has been available in Australia and Canada for over a Decade.  Gold’s Gym in America since the 1970’s. We can also for your sponsorship to advertise your company on half of my company vehicle, the other half will be the gym and restaurant advertising. Advertise as a corporate sponsor on the front gate that has 24/7 high street exposure.

Any Sponsors or Investors Can put there Advert below my sign on the gate where the Blue Estate Agent sign is now. The lane way to the gym door can be decorated with Out Door Red Carpet etc. Potted lemon trees etc along the wall.

Any sponsors or investors can put there advert below my sign on the gate where the blue estate Agent sign is now. The laneway to the gym door can be decorated with outdoor red carpet etc. Potted lemon trees etc along the wall.

Car Advertising

About myself, I am 55 years old Canadian, a dual citizen living in England since 1995 and training in gyms globally since I was 20 years old. I ran the Fan Dance series a 24k race, 2 years ago with a weighted backpack. I completed it on the Welsh Mountains, high above the clouds. So high in the mountains, we were freezing in June. It is part of the entrance exam for the SAS. I completed a race that is rated as the hardest most grueling event in the U.K. That work ethic will help with this business partnership and a new concept with fresher ideas. I have been working out in Gyms for 35 years straight, including holidays, never taking a break. I have studied how Gyms work most of my life and learned potential customer’s wants, but are afraid to ask for or try. Over many years I have had opened forums, discussing with friends or strangers from all walks of life, the pitfalls of current gyms. For many decades people have been intimidated and put off by boring gyms that seem to cater to certain stereotypes. For me, Gyms are a way of Life. I know better about them than anyone and have more experience keeping fit than any Franchise. To get a better understanding of myself can you please take time to review all the pages on my website I created at  I can be reached at 07946280705. The Gym will be called Abs for Life, the restaurant NO Guilt Cafe, helping Saffron Walden become a better community. Any money towards sponsorship or investment can be put in an account solely & only for this business at Abs For Life Sort code 09 0129 and account number 05673423.

These photos were taken in August 2017

20841783_10211554061860322_3582399111110334145_n 20800010_10211554056940199_793206133547407674_n 20799009_10211554036659692_6600595474624657232_n Abs For Life Gym and No Guilt Cafe

I would like to do crunches with an abdominal machine in a sporting event. This will receive plenty of local press. On an Ab Machine that has 6 plates for weight, if you as a company can donate £1 per crunch I will do in a row. Here is the Fund Raising sponsorship for Start-Up click here file attached:   Fund Raising sponsorship for Start-Up of Abs For Life Gym And No Guilt Cafe Ltd. As soon as I get enough forms signed I will start the well-observed event within the community and comment on your support. It is so important to invest in advertising, branding, and marketing.