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Advertise with our Gym and Vegetarian Restuarant between Cambridge, Stansted Airport, Dunmow, and Royston. I have done all the Industry research based on the giants in fitness and added features making it a more modern model for the public.

Abs For Life Gym And No Guilt Cafe Ltd., has done its homework protecting it’s supporting Investors and Sponsors.-The FDD Exchange –”Anytime fitness boutique center is designed with minimal overhead.”

  • “Investment for Anytime fitness is $32,500-$51,000 to pay as affiliate beginning of the operation. Then monthly fees on top of that. “2017 Records.
  • Fitness 4 less by Energy gym “ Experiencing its biggest ever growth”
  • “Their top franchises turn over $45,000 a month. During pre-sales new clubs. routinely sell over 1,000 memberships a month, before opening doors to the public”.

Press release 2016 State of the UK industry report.

  • Market value is up 3.2% from 2015 to 4.4.billion
  • 224 new public & private fitness facilities opened in the last 12 months. 191 in 2015
  • Number of Gold’s Gym /LIVESTRONG.COM “3 million members at more than 600 locations worldwide. Gyms have average 5,000 Members. 52% male and 48% female.”

Surprising Gym Statistics/realbuzz.com

  • The size of your salary influences your gym habits.
  • “Nutfield health found that people on less than £20,000 a year use the gym on average an hour a week. Those earning higher would use the gym on average 3 hours per week.”
  • Redundant gym members outstrip active memberships. 80% do not actively use the Gym but still pay the monthly fees, it is still profit!
  • 24-hour gym’s do not suffer from overcrowding.
  • “In the U.K. 4.5 Million adults have gym memberships (7% of the population) and growing. In America, 14% of the population have Gym memberships. “The U.K. will follow, there still is plenty of room in the Market for new Gyms.

Life & Style the Guardian.

  • “Consumer spending on memberships has soared 44% in the last year. “4/5 of UK Adults set a health-related goal.” They don’t follow through because the current gym’s unwelcoming, overcrowded, uninteresting and commercial looking.
  • Cardlytics which monitors consumer spending on debit cards “says those 8 weeks prior to joining the Gym, consumers start spending more money across the board. Specialist health stores and sporting good jump in percentage week by week, until they join.” This is good news for my concept, health food restaurant and 24-hour vending machine. Selling multiple goods of food and gym accessories (i.e. headphones).