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Our Gym and Vegetarian Restuarant will help encourage you to make small changes in your diet. Sticking to these changes over time, mixed with the gym as part of your lifestyle, will make big changes to your health. Gradually slowly modify your diet and increase your activities with consistency is the best way of getting results. With the right food to increase your well being and energy levels, it can transform your future into a brighter one. Healthy living gives you good health and a fun active more sociable lifestyle. Small changes often, consistent and frequently will transform a better you. Abs for Life Gym and No Guilt Cafe will help Saffron Walden and the surrounding areas achieve a better quality of Life.



Before and After

Before and After -This picture was taken before in 2011, bear in mind in 1982 when I was 20 years old I was a skinny 44 kilos (under 100lbs), young man. Now I average 73 kilos.

in 2012 a picture was taken below after Abs for Life program.



Before and After

Before and After – You can see here the value of branding and advertising with us. Advertise! Who has more experience at my age than myself with training to get results. This is not Genetics, just a state of mind, discipline and a commitment. Providing fitness & diet consultation while serving the Greater Area of London, Stansted Airport, Cambridge, Saffron Walden & Newmarket. Contact now for Fitness designed by Abs for Life to get in great shape through a designed healthy diet & personal training tips. I have been training nearly all my Life, considerable experience since I was born in 1962. Often comments are you look better with age. Comments you can get with a consistent lifestyle change. How would you like your friends thinking pictures in their heads of a before and after you? Join Abs For Life Gym And No Guilt Cafe program to get the best results! Give it a go in letting me motivate you! Abs for Life Gym and No Guilt Cafe Ltd., we are not a boot camp but a better lifestyle change. Or help to invest by using us in your advertising and marketing. We can improve your identity awareness, inform and educate the public about your products or services.