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Here is Food for Thought: Advertising with us, our Gym and Superfood Vegetarian Restaurant. As a partnership, we can promote a healthy lifestyle in the Saffron Walden area.

Abs for Life with No Guilt Cafe! Who says you need fat in your diet. It is everywhere. Porridge, nuts, banana’s, avocado and unsweetened soya milk.  Fat is for Eskimos during the long winter months. Bears hibernating, end off! No need to add fat. Use non-stick frying pans and throw them away when food stick again.

Diet Tips. Wow! Great for snacks between meals, or on the goal, that is also high in fiber, and high in Protein. Whole wheat couscous mixed with loads of ginger powder, raisins & brown-linseed…Nothing on the Market to buy in a shop beats WALKER’S baked crisps only 2-3 gm’s of fat, lowest in the…Industry! Try the new cheap low-calorie Tesco’s Lentil Curls, it is tasty with protein in it!
CALORIE MATHS: ONE M&S beef and horseradish baguette: 795 Calories = Three Mac Donald’s Burgers! Diet & Fitness go hand and hand, like a Happy Marriage! Whole wheat (Fiber) & Protein burns more calories when trying to digest. Try good quality carbohydrates. That has a lot of protein, such as soya, porridge, & whole wheat couscous. A high fiber diet is the better option. Give up Bread & Butter for a Whole Wheat Bagel; it is a lot higher in Protein than Bread, thus taking as I said before again more protein to consume. Requiring to burn more calories digesting and more filling! 11 grams of Protein! Only One fruit a day, it has so much Sugar!!! Drink more filter water, do we really need any other drinks? Try to limit Alcohol to at the most once a month, think of the long-term & benefits.TIPS: Never be hungry, never be full…Abs For Life Gym and No Guilt Cafe Ltd.

Food for Thought: Abs For Life Gym And No Guilt Cafe. Dining in the dark appears to work by preventing the “cephalic” stage of digestion, which causes salivation and the releases-  gastric juices when food is seen, making food literally harder to consume, the Telegraph reports. A study by the University of Konstanz in Germany blindfolded 50 people with modified ski goggles, while another 40 participants were given no blindfold. All participants, who were not allowed to eat within two hours of the experiment, were invited to tuck into three 95g bowls of bowls of cherry, caramel and vanilla ice cream for 15 minutes. The bowls were then taken away allowing researchers to measure the remaining ice-cream and question participants about how much they thought they had eaten. Researchers found that, on average, the group able to see their food ate 116g each, while the blindfolded group ate significantly less, at around 105g each. The blindfolded group also hugely overestimated how much they had eaten, with the blindfolded eaters believing they had consumed 197g of ice cream each on average, compared to 159g for those with no blindfold. Scientists believe that not being able to see food on the table allows the body to realize it is full in real-time rather than remembering past experiences when one may have only been satisfied after eating a whole plate of food. Lead author Dr. Britta Renner said: “Visual deprivation caused a pronounced dissociation between actual and perceived intake This may provide an unobtrusive and naturalistic means to change the experience of eating behavior. All these Tips will help you lose weight and gain a possible a six-pack, just like I have. From the knowledge from my designed Personal Training gained over thirty Years and your commitment, you can do it. Please click the button and view: Before and After, on top of this page. LOVE LIFE & ENJOY!! You can always enjoy better health & country living by moving to a Village like Saffron Walden or the many countryside towns in the U.K. and Cambridge. Think Positive. Think what your priorities are in Life and let me guide you.
Author: Stuart Gray – Personal Trainer Serving the Greater Area of London, Stansted, Saffron Walden, Cambridge & Newmarket