Abs For Life Gym and No Guilt Cafe – Promoting  a Better Lifestyle


Serving the Greater Area of London, Stansted Airport, Cambridge, Saffron Walden & Newmarket

Advertise your company by partnering with the start-up of our new concept Gym and Superfood Vegetarian Restaurant. It will be good public relations in the Saffron Walden Area and help promote a better lifestyle for residents and customers. 

The Gym’s personal training prices are below all though alternatively, I have no problem with you bringing your own personal trainer as long as they buy a membership, it is your choice! Prices-Abs For Life Gym And No Guilt Cafe Ltd. Alternative One:
Competitive prices and 24-hour availability. Pay as you go £30 per hour for Personal Training or use your own instead of the alternatives with personal trainers as long as they buy a membership. With our Resturant, updated website and vending machines, we include the best advice on diet and nutrition.

Abs for Life Alternative Two:
As a lot of £185 for Personal Training only up to 12 Sessions in a month!
Abs for Life Alternative Three: Depending on availability with both our schedules we can negotiate with lesser sessions of personal training only.
Abs for Life V.I.P. membership:
Membership is £4320 per year. All inclusive includes everyday advice & motivation through Skype or mobile (365 days a year). Teaching how to cook various healthy Dishes. Advice and help with groceries stores with shopping. Flexible with just your self or up to family members welcome, up to 4 members on the same personal training, diet & nutrition package. Project management with advice on finding deals, when building your own gym, in your house.Tips and advice on finding the right gym that is in your area. Motivating & making fitness a part of your lifestyle. Call for more details (44) 0794680705. Prices-Abs For Life Gym And No Guilt Cafe Ltd. Below

Gym Prices– for the new Gym and soon to be connected to the web to order online-


Number of customers Minimum

Price they might pay per unit










Temps, visitors



Family Pass


£19 ea

 Every one £6 Admin  Joining Fee.

Prices-Abs For Life Gym And No Guilt Cafe Ltd. All Personal Training and advice on Gyms & fitness include areas of Saffron Walden, Cambridge, Stansted, and London Areas.



Author: Stuart Gray